Regarding Canceling Recruitment Process Of Advertisement Notification Post 2019 click here
Gujarat Social Infrastructure Development Society (GSIDS), Office of Economics and Statistics, Sector - 18 Gandhinagar, Gujarat Social Development Society, GSIDS, Gandhinagar Senior Assistant Project Associate cum Consultant (SPAC) and Senior Project Associate  SPA) for the 4-space advertised on OJAS: GSIDS / 201617/1.

Whose recruitment process is canceled.

The candidate who wants to return the filled in examination fee will be given the following table wise details.  By 30/06/2019, the e-mail address of the office will be sent by e-mail (dy-dir  Name of |  Application Applicant |  No  |  IFS Code |  Bank A / C |  Bank A / C |  |  Name |  No, the Exam Fee and Address

Candidate will have to take the following instructions.

(1) After the time limit information will not be taken into account.

(2) If the information sought for the above statement is false and the examination fee is not returned for the wrong reasons, then the office will not be responsible for this.

(3) R.  P.  a .  The details sent by DK in person will not be taken.

  •  Bhareli Fee Return Mate Candidate Mail Send Karevano Rahe chhe
email send now: dy-dir
Bhareli Fee Return Levamate Last Date : 30-06-2019

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Regarding Canceling Recruitment Process Of Advertisement Notification Post 2019
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